In Celebration of All that Burdens Us, available here

Editorial Review

In Celebration of All that Burdens Us brings together some of the writings of Ségun Ògúntólá, whose long awaited debut novel is forthcoming. It is a wondrous collection ranging from the personal to the societal, the worldly to the spiritual and celebrating matters of the heart, the pursuit of knowledge. There is pain in it, there is pleasure in it, and there is knowledge in it.

The collection includes the poignant "The Broken Hearted", and "Blues for Ségun" (both described by a reviewer as "Fresh and universal, a rare combo"); the pious "Dusza", and "On a Night Journey, a Scene Witnessed, Chorus Heard" (homage to the great Polish filmmaker Krzysztof Kieslowski, and Martin Luther King, Jr., respectively); the reflective "The Other Immigrant"; the otherworldly "The Black hole Days" (an invitation into the life of a recent immigrant in "glorious" New York City). Perhaps the star of the collection is the heartening "The Thoughts of a Man Who Recently Reunited with His Destiny" (penetrating in its insight into the mind of a cruel man on the verge of redemption).

In Celebration of All that Burdens Us heralds the emergence of a promising writer, a novel voice.

In Celebration of All that Burdens Us

Ségun Ògúntólá

©Ségun Ògúntólá 2006