Literature & Me

Literature yearns to sing to us anew about Existence, about our tumultuous age, our unsettling personal and societal concerns, soothes our aches, celebrates our life in all its manifold complexities, counsels and gives us hope. Wise, Literature: it aims to do so by creating a tranquil psychical space for us in thoughtful books, in which, in solitude, it can engross us in thought about Existence, impart knowledge. I strive to be a conduit for Literature in its noble endeavor.

I was born in Lagos, and currently reside in New York City. I am a contributing writer to The AFRican. I read International Studies at The City University of New York (CUNY), and was a World Affairs Fellow of the Ralph Bunche Institute on the United Nations.

My first book, In Celebration of All that Burdens Us, a collection of poems, essays and stories, was published in 2006. Buy it here.

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