23305 by Ségun Ògúntólá

Who knew Knowledge,

like Love,

could be so devastating.


Now ended

my decade long sojourn in the netherworld

I reemerge in this world with sharp eyes, humbled;

my bygone blurred vision of the world

a reminder of the fated ignorance of even the most educated of men.

Knowledge is not earned but a gift of the Dead, of the gods.

Blessed and cursed both

the man on whom It is bestowed.


Though today I begin my four hundred and sixty nine moons in life

having died and recently reborn in Knowledge

I am in fact a new born child

dependent on the caprice of the gods

the lords of this world

for my survival.


I begin my life anew

with certain trepidation

for I will in cipher speak to men

of the secret of the gods

and like those before me

will suffer the consequence.

©Ségun Ògúntólá 2006