I wonder If She Still Loves to Dance

In New York City, a glorious temple

dedicated to the glory of Music.

There, diligent disciples pay homage

singing various songs

in diverse tongues.


Not long ago

from the temple

a song dear to my heart.

I sat swaying to the song

my rocking chair creaking

a bottle of wine heightening my senses

my head at rest on my bookshelf behind me

tears soon waltzing down my cheeks, salting my lips

sweet the pain of remembrance.


Nya Joy was her name

it was with her I last heard the song

souls in trance us two

blissfully riding on the ethereal wings of Music.


Now that she resides in the netherworld,

this Joy of a Nya,

I wonder if she still loves to dance.

© 2006 Ségun Ògúntólá