(Divine Intervention)
by Ségun Ògúntólá

In those days of yore
In that season of yoke
When things had fallen apart no longer at ease
The period of anomy at its peak;

In those days of much turbulence in our world
Lived a gifted one who from our port city in the south come
But belonged everywhere
And at the same time nowhere
At home among us in the north
As in the south
Among us in the west
As in the east;

The misery of those days a lead in her heart
Making her weak of might
Her spirit edgy
Her soul heavy;

Lost, she searched for her sanity
In all of humanity
Singing songs of love
Preaching sermons of hope
Her crown hid
Underneath a shawl of black gold dipped
Of blood drenched
Suffering tinged;

She was us, she became our voice
Our bard rhyming our anguish in verse
Her sermons a balm for our troubled spirit
Her songs a lament for the tribulation plaguing our world;

She was our bond
In that time of discord
Told us in her songs and sermons together we must forever stand
Fight united we must and we ain’t ever givin’ up
Told us to keep on walking
Keep on doors knocking;

And to adoring multitudes she sang and preached of us to the world in the north
Sang and preached of us in the south
Sang of us in the east
Preached of us in the west
In lyrics and sermons knocking all over the earth on doors of power
Wailing for our domination to be over;

Her intuition heightened, inspired
She one day realized something was amiss and retired
As many years singing and preaching on the stage of history
Our tribulation remained unabated in that period of misery;

So it was that after years on the stage of history preaching
She retired and on her knees got besieging
The gods for guidance with her flesh
With her blood
With her heart
With her mind;

The gods astonished by her honesty and devotion to spiritual growth decided to honor her
Like that of Job they knew her heart
Was of gold made
Her devotion strong;

So, in their mischief and benevolence the gods
Impressed she rejected material bright lights conspired to initiate her, elevate her in spirit
Divine intervention
Holy innervation
To do so, they had to get her to the Temple, so turbulence in her they caused
And a desire for solitude, a fracture in her golden heart;

She retreated from us
Barricaded herself in her house
Isolated from us, the world
The gods then set to work on her
They nurtured in her Adam
Guided her away from Eve
Cleansed her bright coat of many colors
Cloaked her spirit in valor
Built in her a fire with water
Stoked until her imagination ignited and her perception shifted the fire;

Thus the gods brought her to the Temple
The world within world, the realm sacred
“You who from the Star come
In Saturn womb
On Earth born of a woman
Our earthly conduit
With Cynthia
In the house of Leo,”
They called her by her cosmic identity as she sat there with them, the vibration intense
She answered them without words, her body trembling, her energy immense;

The gods let her beheld them, the angels
Let her climb with them up the ladder of Jacob
Up, up to the door of Heaven
The throne of God, the Holy of Holies;

At the door of Heaven
They nudged her onward toward the Holy of Holies
There she was facing the throne of God, His Majesty Most High
She trembled at the sight of God
Stunned by the radiance of Love
Her crown quivered, her scalp tingled as a thousand points of light exploded in her head;

So it was in a flash
She saw and knew
Understood it all
Revelation – having come face to face with Love;

Some sunrises on
Emerged she the Temple from
Capricorn rising
Unicorn prancing;

Her door wide open we entered
Round her revelation words sought we gathered
Mouthed our hope we
Pleaded with our eyes did
For her to tell us the counsel of God
The words of Love;

Silent she
On her big
Broad mouth
A smile
Her dimples noble
Her cheeks lofty
Her deep eyes
Of hope hued
Of expectation tinged
Radiant as a star
Her crown hid
Underneath a shawl of white and blue;

Impatient we waited
Our breaths bated
Our hearts hollow
Our eyes shallow
Lingered on her
Seeking revelation words
Eager to hear the words of Love
From the Temple deep she brought;

From her heavenly lips a sermon:
“Maintain your mind
Keep your focus
We have a bright shinning star
Keeping watch over us
Our deliverance is nigh
Soon our kingdom come
We belong to God
We belong to Love
We are One
Walking in the Light”;

She gazed at us, smiling, glowing her face, radiant her eyes, said:
Knowledge – the

Not long after that had begun our deliverance
The period of renaissance
That would eventually lead us here
This edifying period of our resurrection where
Having died we were reborn in justice
In prosperity, knowledge and peace;

It was then we knew, at last, that:
Knowledge is all
True revolution is peace
Now you know
Can’t say you don’t.
©Ségun Ògúntólá 2006