No Mirrors in Nature
For Karen Di Milia and Richard Hoyen

The land is rustic

humble in its beauty

wide the range of the landscape panoramic

scenic the view photographic;

the house on the land is simple

and like the land in its beauty humble

with its discreet windows and wooden exterior

its soft glow lights and calm interior;

it is a charming house

away from prying eyes

secluded on an island

as if guarding a secret;

outfront a pig rides the wind

flying still on a vessel of steel

outback on the porch they sit

the hosts and their guests – the owners of this property and their friends

around a long table of drinks and food

in the sky unseen by them the predator and the prey

in flight on this afternoon of gold

this day clear as glass;

they sit chattering as humans do

the hosts and their guests

around the table of drinks and food

the guests now being fed

appreciation for their presence yet to be said

still being contemplated by the hosts in words that would be felt;

around the table

the elementals now gather

attracted by the high vibration of the focus of the celebration –

the male of the hosts, a painter gifted at evoking Spirit in Being, tenderhearted, gifted at portraying the grandeur of Creation on this earth in his artistic deliberation:

a feisty rooster in its fowl glory, its feathers pumped manly at the neck in crowing –

its beak raised high, fiery eyes at the onlooker staring,

a landscape feasting on the sun,

a misty bridge floating in space,

a waterfall by holy fire lit white on dark rock,

the Eye of the heavens high above gazing on a terrestrial vehicle below down,

night and day coated cattle grazing in an open field,

the vast heavens a glowing sea of light illuminating a landscape gray;

they sit chattering as humans do

their smiles broad

on this afternoon of gold

this day clear as glass

a bright Capricorn among them prancing

amid the glasses of wine clanking;

now, all of a sudden, bang the sound

on the porch glass window they hear

of the bodies of the hawk and the little bird

from the sky come crashing the predator and the prey

the end of a chase to be nourished

in a dance of survival perished

the hungry must be fed

or the impact of their hunger will be felt;



“Well, there are no mirrors in Nature,”

now says the Capricorn – the female of the hosts, a woman of heart and mind, of ideas and letters

the quick witted one

who from Saturn come.

© 2023 Ségun Ògúntólá

© 2006 Ségun Ògúntólá