On A Night Journey
A Scene Witnessed, Chorus Heard
(For the slaves of History)

Our brother

having been to the mountain top

seen the promised land

assured us we will get there.

Some in the family,

the doubting Thomases,

did not believe our brother

failed to comprehend that

he was

the god of love

the lamb of History

sacrificed on

the Altar of History

so that we might

one day be

truly free.

At last!

here we are

on our way

to the promised land

our feet blistered by

the thorny plantation of History

our bodies fatigued from

toiling in Its fields, Its industries

our spirit light

Joy in our hearts

Music on our lips

plenty red wine


blue cheese and

moist aromatic tobacco

in our sacks.

© 2006 Ségun Ògúntólá