The Armies of Night
(For Felá A. Kútì)
by Ségun Ògúntólá

Here they come

The Armies of night

Clad in full armor

Cowry shells of virgin steel the shields guarding their thick long necks, their breasts, their hearts.

These giant, sun-eyed warriors

Now ringed round the wall of the Enclave

In whose mansions asleep on golden beds, drooling on silk sheeted pillows, the knights of the land, emissaries of the gods, predators of dreamers and their dreams, masses and masses of whom they devour night after night, sapping their spirit, renewing and fortifying themselves on their blood, taking demonic care to leave just enough blood left in them to keep hope alive in them.

Prepare the household, dear husband

For we must soon flee to the sanctuary in the belly of the jungle

For this night blood will flow like lava all over the land, cleansing, edifying.

©Ségun Ògúntólá 2006