Travelling Light by Ségun Ògúntólá

Five hundred and sixteen moons on this terrestrial journey.

Heavy the load; the spirit burdened.

Now pared down, at last, to the essentials:

A portable portrait of Esther – royal blue the background, concentrated the energy – evoked from the only photograph of her I left home with. In her summer years she was then, youthful, at the corners of her full lips a smile, noble her cheekbones, the swirl of her gèlè unfurled, dangling in ponytail behind her swan neck. Esther, my earth conduit, now resident in the heavens, barely in her autumn years when the Ancestors summoned her Home, dear Esther, my lodestar;

Two pairs of fitted jeans the color of the sky on a glorious day, an old beloved linen jacket – handsome still, some cotton shirts, a pair of rugged shoes perfect for walking about;

The most sublime of the essential literature amassed me over the years;

My recently completed manuscripts: a novel – fifteen years its journey from Thought to Word, a collection of poems;

A copy of my ideas in print, symbolic its cover of a sylph gazing at the world, wistful;

My nomadic bank of bits – save in its vast vault my cherished sonic collection, thoughts, joys, sorrow, hopes;

All of them here arranged in my handy hardy hide – in Marrakesh wrought, of hands dedicated to Beauty – to accompany me on my resumed walkabout round this earth spreading the Gospel:

As above, so below

Heaven is here on earth;

Seek and you shall find

Ask and you shall receive

Conceive it, achieve it

Think it into existence, with humility, tenacity, your faith in Hope unshaken –

The timeless, plain in sight hidden truth about reality.

Wandering this earth questing Knowledge, seeking the Family – I often see them in my mind’s eye, encounter them on night journeys, in vibration they “speak”:

Indigo child, agent of change, we honor you, we hail you. From the Star come, womb in Uranus, nurtured in Mars, delivered on Earth of a woman, our earthly conduit. Welcome.

How radiant you are, your coat of many colors bright and clear. Come. Help yourself to the tea, the coffee, the drinks. Have you had the cheese? It goes well with the bread and wine. You simply must try it.

Do not be bashful, dear. Our home is yours. You are one of us. We are your family. And by all means do have some wine. If not that one, then this one, try it with the cheese.

Here, read these, dear one. They will enlighten your intuition on the lies of History. They will open the Eye in you to the alchemy of Life, the mystery of Death. They will tell you of the way it was before the Fall, the infamous tragedy, the period of anomy, before the Liquid Lady then entombed all deep beneath her liquid altar.

And later, dear child, we will bring you to the Temple, bless your ladder of Jacob, unite your Adam and your Eve, so you can readily journey between Heaven and Earth.

Wandering this earth questing Knowledge, seeking the Family

Ethereal my wings, expansive

Blue my star, intense.

And the most important of all: light my spirit, a wellspring my mind, bubbling with ideas, animated my heart with Love, and open for love; discerning she, gracious, the sun her eyes, a flower her smile, warm her heart.

©Ségun Ògúntólá 2006