(For Ray Bradbury)

Welcome back home, Indigoblå

I thought you had forsaken us

Enchanted by the glitter of Eve – that Whore.

We had chosen to stay in the world of Eve only briefly, remember, Indigoblå?

It was the pact we made at the Temple, sanctioned by the Circle of Elders.

I returned home as planned, impatient to flee Her world, Her children

As barely existing as them their sight in me started to wane, their heart in me erratic.

What an odd species, those children of Eve.

Barely in life and their body starts to wilt, lethargic in them the Spirit.

And Adam, what a loser, letting the Whore rob him of the glorious Existence His Majesty Most High provided him, turning it into a snakepit.

You stayed in the world of Eve one whole year, Indigoblå

Even after your devoted companion left, dear Marguerite.

There is always an element of choice, I know. So I understand your decision to stay there longer than we had agreed.

They have much to learn still the children of Eve, so I am glad you taught them some things, left record of your presence among them. For this I salute you. You did us all proud.

And heavenly your timing to leave the world of Eve, Indigoblå

Lucifer was just then paying homage at last to His Majesty

Celestial your departure, indeed.

Come, Indigoblå

All have assembled at the Temple

Tongues of fire glowing

In the Grand Hall aflutter

To welcome you back home.

© 2006 Ségun Ògúntólá